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Group Name Geographical Roots Religion Spoken Written Regional/National Language/s Religious Language
Sylhet region of Bangladesh, itself part of Bengal Muslim (almost always, small % Hindu) Bengali - often called Bangla;
Sylheti dialect
Bengali Classical Arabic
Indians (Panjabis) Indian state of Panjab Majority Sikh, some Hindus Panjabi, many understand Hindi too Panjabi for preference, Hindi for some Panjabi
Sanskrit for Hindus
Pakistanis Pakistani state of Panjab Muslim Panjabi and Urdu (similar to spoken Hindi) Urdu( uses different script from Hindi) Classical Arabic
Indians (Gujeratis) Indian State of Gujerat Mostly Hindu, some Muslims Gujerati, many speak Hindi too Gujerati and Hindi Sanskrit Classical Arabic for Muslims
Chinese Hong Kong Christian
Confucian Buddhist
Cantonese Chinese, sometimes Hakka Chinese Chinese (shares same characters as Mandarin Chinese) No specific language
African - Caribbeans British Caribbean Islands
eg Jamaica, Grenada, Trinidad
Christian, Rastafarian English Creole of Patois (Patwa), or more likely a British form of it Usually English Rastas might use Patwa
Welsh Wales If any religion likely to be non-conformist Christian, eg Methodist English and /or Welsh Welsh and English No specific language
NB: This chart tries to summarise a huge amount of complex information. While it has been carefully checked for mistakes, it has to over-simplify in places so it should only be taken as a guide.

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