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There's not a lot I can say about this. I sort of believe in things like my Gran does, but I couldn't say I believe in it really strongly. We're Methodists, which is like a branch of Christianity. It's quite strong in Wales. We don't go in for lots of ceremonies and the people leading the services dressing up in fancy clothes, so it's quite a simple religion. Our church (we call it a chapel) is a plain sort of building as well, not all fancy and expensive like some churches, with loads of coloured decoration and stuff like that.

I think what my Gran believes is quite simple too: you have to do the right things, not talk badly, or steal, try to live a good life, or God will punish you. Some Methodists are really strict about not drinking - my Gran doesn't drink at all, and my Dad only does a little at Christmas and times like that.

Methodists don't approve of gambling, 'cos they believe it's usually poorer people that lose money through it and richer people who make the profit, and that most people lose far more than they ever win. No lottery tickets in our house!

One thing I like about being a Methodist is that it's friendly - in Wales I knew loads of kids that I met at Sunday school when I was younger. When we moved here I went to chapel a bit and met some other kids and other families. Sometimes that's good 'cos when parents know each other as well you can go to parties and that without them going on about who you're with. Not that Anand would be there anyway, hint hint.

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