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My biggest hassle is being small for my age. It's a real pain 'cos I want to play football for the school but the bigger kids can push me out of the way. My Dad says one day I'll just start growing and catch the others up, but I wish it would hurry up.

I'm the smallest in our class, and some prats call me titch. I've got a good answer for anyone though, especially a girl who says I'm small: I just say 'Yeah but you're ugly - at least I'll grow'. It's not that anyone really bullies me over it, it's just that, y' know, they think you're weaker and everything, and they forget there's loads of important people who aren't all 6 foot tall.

My other hassle is that my Mum and Dad keep going on about me moving to another school, 'cos they don't think this one makes me work hard enough. I think that's really out of order 'cos of my friends and that, it's too late to have to change them. So I'm not moving, whatever they say.

I don't get much in the way of racist name-calling or hassles or anything. All the same, I did get off a bus last week and there was this group of black kids going on about what they did to little white boys. It makes me all mixed up when I remember what happened to me and Nat.

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