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We mostly eat ordinary British type food, nothing special really. Since we're Jewish we can't eat anything like pork or ham - nothing that comes from pigs. It's the same as Muslims believe, the pig's supposed to be an unclean animal. My Dad says this is just tradition really, but in the past in a hot country like Israel (where Jews came from) it was sensible, because pigs are supposed to get some of the same sorts of diseases as humans do.

If you're really, sort of, a religious Jew you have to only eat meat from animals that have been killed in a special way, with prayers and that. It's called kosher meat. Kosher also means anything that Jews are allowed to eat. Though we're kind of Scottish, we've never had haggis, 'cos it's got some bits from a pig in it, so it's not kosher.

My Grandad likes sacher torte, which is a special kind of chocolate cake he remembers from when he was growing up in Vienna, and he sort of passed a taste for this on to my Dad. He lets me have some when he's not feeling too greedy.

Though we're not strict Jews, we have a Sabbath meal every Friday night that starts with some really nice bread made with eggs. With us, it's not so much what we eat, as the fact that all the family's together to talk. We have a big family meal once a year at Passover, which we make more of a fuss about than Christmas. There are certain foods we eat then that remind people of things in Jewish history.

The only other specifically Jewish thing to do with food that we do is fast once a year on the Day of Atonement, when we're supposed to think of all the things we've done wrong in the past year and try to do better.

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