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Just to confuse everyone, when people look at me they think I'm just an someone with no particular religion or anything, but actually I'm Jewish. Being Jewish means different things to different people.

With me and my parents it's like an identity thing, a belonging thing. We don't go to the synagogue or anything (though my Grandad does, when he can get there). Grandad once went to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage. He visited the Wailing Wall, one of the holiest sites in Judaism, and the shrine of the book, where there are some ancient manuscripts including the Dead Sea Scrolls.

To us, being Jewish is knowing something about our history and the things that have happened to Jews in the past, and we have lots of family get-togethers at special times in the year, with special meals. I suppose the most special of these is the Passover, which Jews have celebrated for over 3,000 years. Oh - last year I went to my friend's Bar Mitzvah- it's like a coming of age ceremony for boys when they turn into men.

Like Christians, we have one day in the week which is different from the others. People that are really strict Jews don't do any work at all on Saturdays, that's the Jews' holy day - the Sabbath. We do that a bit - like my parents never go to work on Saturdays, but it's just like some people keep Sunday special, when they relax and that. Mum and Dad say they only do things around the house that relax them on the Sabbath, and not anything that's really work. So the washing gets done on Sundays, and things like gardening and reading the papers on Saturdays.

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